Coronavirus, Beating the Stress

I think we’re all anxious about this Covid-19 thing, and that’s understandable, but it’s important that we manage our stress, and expectations.

We think one of the best ways to beat the stress is information. Our biggest worries usually center around our children. Good news, according to the CDC the incidence of diagnosis in those under 20 years old is less than 2.1% and out of the cases reported in China, none of those were considered serious, and there were no fatalities. So good news, our Kids are going to be alright.


Now, of course we have to worry about everything else. Wegmans looks rough. Our paper towels supplies are running low. How will we clean up after our kid somehow managed to spill a spill-proof container? How will we wipe butts with no toilet paper?

First of all let me assure you: we will figure it out. It will be okay.

Second: I’m giving you permission to take some time for yourself. Go find a quiet space (or put on some headphones to create one) and take some deep breaths. You’re working hard to keep your kids alive and maintain your patience. In through your nose, out through your mouth, count to ten for each.

Unfortunately there can be a bit of a feedback loop with stress. Almost universally we carry it (and the weight of our children) in our shoulders, which causes tension in those muscles and that can make us feel even more stressed.

You know what I’m going to say now so I’ll get it over with: Chiropractic can help! I’m always honest with my patients, adjusting your back won’t fix your kids screaming in the back of your car. I can’t do muscle work on your ability to find needed supplies. What I can do is help you feel better and stand tall while you conquer those things.

We are here for you through this, but we promise you got this. To learn more about our response to Coronavirus and all its complications: click here.

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